Our Designs:

  • <br/>Storybook Battles

    Storybook Battles

    Under review by a publisher.
    Only the greatest stories are recited through the ages as fairy tales. Choose to fight as the most noble Hero, or rally under the banner of a cunning Villain to make your story unforgettable!

  • <br/>Siege Among Thieves

    Siege Among Thieves

    Under review by a publisher.
    The city you fought so hard to control is under siege. You must survive until your reinforcements arrive... cooperating with those you have competed against for so long (at least for as long as it is advantageous to do so).

  • <br/>Pirates of the Golden Isles

    Pirates of the Golden Isles

    In Development!
    Arrrr you pirate enough to sail the Golden Isles? Construct a ship that plays to your strengths, then fire upon opposing captains and their crew of bilge rats! Pillage, Loot and be the only ship left sailing these cursed isles!

  • <br/>Yashima


    By Greenbrier Games
    You are a Kami Master. Trained in the art of channeling the spirit energy of the Kami, unrivaled in expertise of your chosen fighting style, you are sworn to uphold the honor of your House.